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Mission:  It is the goal of these pages to gather botanical information on the genus Allium from a disparate array of individual floras and botanical references, then present the information in a single, consolidated, user-friendly way.  It is my intent to strive for accuracy, relevancy, and thoroughness, however there are several significant challenges confronting this objective.   The genus is very large, with the estimated number of species ranging between 600 - 1000 species.  The taxonomy of alliums is burdoned with a great number of synonyms and confusion.  When the status of botanical nomenclature is in question due to conflicting opinion, I've attempted to broker the difference with my own opinion and best judgement, with personal commentary interspersed among the researched information.

As usual, I welcome any and all suggestions, corrections, notification of omissions, photo donations, and constructive criticism.  Feel free to contact Mark McDonough at


Selected bibliography Pertinent references I've used to assemble the species lists.
Bibliography discussion Commentary on bibliographic references.
Allium species - master list An attempt to list all Allium species (large list that's slow to load!)
Allium species - by letter The master list broken down alphabetically for faster loading.
Allium species - N. American Subset of the master list; N. American species only, including Mexico.
Allium synonyms list A compilation of all synonymic names that appear in the species list.
Dubious names & misnomers Old, odd, confused, vague, or misapplied names


Allium Species Homepage    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Allium Species - Lists by Letter

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