Oxydendrum arboreum
tree and flowers during 3rd week of July 20001

Oxydendrum arboreum - tree in July    copyright  2001 Mark McDonough

Oxydendrum arboreum - flowers    copyright  2001 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

The delicate, down-swooping sprays of tiny white bells are
very similar to Pieris, or the Lily-of-the-Valley bush (Pieris
japonica).  There is some variability in the disposition of
flower panicles, in some forms inclined to droop more
dramatically but with the same hallmark upturned flip at the.
end. A tree in flower has a decidedly Japanese 'feel' to it,
no doubt due to it's gracefully drooping flowers that one
associates with it's cousins; Pieris and Lyonia.

Only open some of the individual flowers at a time,
lasting for many week.  The flowers exude a mild yet
distinctive scent like that of sweet baby powder!

Oxydendrum arboreum seems to have no noticeable
pests, it is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and
exposures, and is highly ornamental throughout the

One could hardly find a better slow-growing tree.

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