Asarum europeum 'Sukey Saito'

Asarum europeum 'Sukey Saito'    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Photo by Mark McDonough

A fairly recent discovery in Marsha Russell's garden is a
variegated sport of the European ginger, Asarum europeum.
The selection is tentatively named A. europeum 'Sukey Saito'.
I think you'll agree this is a beautiful and desirable new form
of ginger, an attractive hardy perennial for the shade garden.

It might be a few years away before this treasure is
propagated in sufficient quantity and available commercially,
but I thought it was worth previewing the new 'find'.

Photo taken in July 2001.

Earlier in the year the variegation is less distinct, but still lovely. To
see a photo of the muted spring variegation taken May 2002, click here!




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