Talinum okanoganense

 Talinum okanoganense    copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

Talinum okanoganense is among my favorite hardy succulent plants.
 It's too small to be grown or appreciated in the open rock garden
and is better suited to trough or container culture. This species
is found on rocky slopes in the mountains of Washington to
British Columbia. It tends to be short-lived, and the old gnarled
prostrate stems lose vigor. However, the tiny gray seeds assure
a crop of young plants coming along, particularly if helped out
by sprinkling the seed among the stony mulch.

This is one of the parents of the beautiful pink-flowered hybrid
known as Talinum 'Zoe'. This photo is taken from a scanned
slide, thus the poor image quality.

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Photo by Mark McDonough
(slide scan,  June 2000)



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