Edraianthus owerinianus

Edraianthus owerinianus    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

Three aspects of Edraianthus owerinianus.  Grown from seed collected in
Turkey,  the pot is plunged in wood chips for the winter, but completely exposed
to the full force of winter weather.  It has survived for 6 years so far, flowering
beautifully each year, so I conclude that it's hardy here in my northern
Massachusetts garden.  The photo above is a scan made from a slide, thus
slightly blurry, but the rich violet-purple color is close to the actual flower color.

In the photo below, taken in March, the dead-looking hummock sprigs
forth with fresh green shoots.  In this view, we get a sense of the aged
woody mound slowly building up in size over the years.


Edraianthus owerinianus - early spring growth    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough


Edraianthus owerinianus    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

In this view, taken early June 2003, we get a good sense of the near stemless blooms
that are large and so numerous that they tend to hide the foliage.  There is good seed
set in most years, although none in 2003 because of excess rains. In this photo,
the flowers look deeper blue than they are; the actual color is a rich and vibrant
violet-purple color.

All photos by Mark McDonough

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