Tulipa stellata ssp. chrysantha

Tulipa stellata ssp. chrysantha    copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

Tulipa stellata ssp. chrysantha
, a brilliant little tulip often sold the
synonyms T. chrysantha or T. clusiana var. chrysantha. This species is
an endearing miniature that can look quite different depending on
when the plant is viewed.  It takes a couple hours of warm sunshine
to induce the flowers to fully open. Therefore, in  the morning, or late
 afternoon, and on cloudy low-light days, the flowers are urn-shaped 
or Lily-flowered, showing to good advantage the flaming orange-red 
backs to the 3 outer tepals, while the brilliant yellow inner
tepals shine at the center.

Once the flowers have had a chance to fully open in strong sunlight, 
they transform into sumptuous flat stars, shining and unblemished yellow, 
hiding any hint of the orange-red exterior.  The flower stems are initially 
4" - 5" (10 - 12.5 cm), but continue to lengthen and ultimately reach 
8" - 10" (20 - 25 cm). This species flowers the same time as T. linifolia.

Tulipa stellata ssp. chrysantha    copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

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