Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm'

Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm'   copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

The blooms on Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm' show a beautiful
blending of soft yellow and faint bronzy-orange shading. This
cultivar is regarded as a hybrid with T. linifolia, and was introduced
by the famous bulb growers Van Tubergen. In fact, most T. batalinii
cultivars were garden selected and are likely to be hybrids.

 'Bronze Charm' grows 5 - 8" tall (12.5 - 20 cm). The foliage,
while narrow and grayish, lacks the strongly undulating leaf

edges evident in some T. batalinii specimens.

Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm'   copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

The strength of the bronze shading varies from flower to flower,
and weather conditions can affect the flower color as well.

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