Tulipa batalinii

Tulipa batalinii   copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

The photo above was taken in the waning light of late afternoon
in Marsha Russell's garden, in Littleton, Massachusetts.  Only about 
3 - 4" tall (7.5 - 10 cm) in bloom, when the flowers are closed up
n low light they give the appearance of tiny cottage tulips
but with serpentine foliage.

Sometimes regarded as merely a color form of T. linifolia, I do
not share this assertion.  I recognize the historical precedent
whereby T. batalinii has crossed with T. linifolia, credited as the
parentage behind the beautiful T. batalinii 'Bronze Charm' and 
possibly other selections.  Yet, to my mind's eye, the two
species are unique and immediately distinct, albeit they
may indeed be related.  

Tulipa batalinii   copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

An overhead view reveals a beautifully formed flower
reminiscent of calochortus, and the narrow, undulate
serpentine leaves particularly noticeable in sunshine.

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