Dwarf Tulipa Gallery
(Feb 2004)

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Tulipa tarda

Tulipa tarda - perhaps avoided as
overly common, but that shouldn't be
so, as this is a first rate dwarf tulip
that will naturalize into a fine patch
of neat greenery, studded with
cheery yellow and white flowers.

Tulipa 'Little Princess'

Tulipa 'Little Princess' - A cross
between two dwarf species tulips, 
this one is one is perhaps my favorite
of all dwarf tulips... an indescribable
blend of colors, and those oversized
black anthers add so much pizzazz.

Tulipa polychroma

Tulipa polychroma - It's a toss-up
between the previous hybrid, and this
sublime species, for my absolute
favorite tulip.  This early flowering
tulip is very dwarf, refined, and an
exquisite white-tinged-olive tone,
with subtle hints of rose on the outer
petals. The fragrance is heavenly.

Tulipa batalinii

Tulipa batalinii -  It is said the 
pure species is barely known in 
cultivation, but it is indeed a valid
species in the Clusianae section.
Hybrids with the allied T. linifolia
have evidently given rise to a number
of hybrids, such as 'Bronze Charm'

Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm'

Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm' -
reportedly a hybrid with T. linifolia, 
this lovely cultivar is one of many
named selections (hybrids) of 
T. balatiniii.  All are delightful
miniature species to brighten up
the rock garden.

Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder'

Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder'
This tulip is perhaps the best known
of the smaller tulips, and certainly
useful to decorate spring plantings.
When buying Holland bulbs from the
bins at local nursery centers, this
tulip is often mixed in with other tulip

Tulipa humilis

Tulipa humilis - The name 'humilis'
covers a number of species, 
depending on one's vantage point. It
has similar coloration to T. bakeri,
but is much earlier flowering, with
smaller, more refined in growth. A
large number of cultivar of this
species are available.

Tulipa stellata ssp. chrysantha

Tulipa stellata ssp. chrysantha -
Typically sold simply as chrysantha,
and sometimes placed as a variety
of T. clusiana, latest taxonomic
opinion places it as a subspecies of
T. stellata. It's a brilliant dwarf 
species for the rock garden or edge
of border.

Tulipa linifolia and T. stellata ssp. chrysantha

Tulipa linifolia (blazing red) and
Tulipa stellata ssp. chrysantha
(yellow and red) - Since I planted 
these two species side by side, and
they flower at the same time, I have
included a couple views of this
hot color coupling.

Tulipa linifolia

Tulipa linifolia - This is a fabulous
little species with blazing red flowers
that open flat, revealing a small, jet-
black center.  Only 4" tall (10 cm)
in bloom. The petals has a satiny 
sheen that reflects the sun.

All photos by Mark McDonough.

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(go to Bulbs, then select "species Tulips")

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