Juno iris - foliage emerging in early April

 Juno iris - foliage emerging in early April    copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

 Obviously planted too close together, I had no idea that the rhizomes
would increase so rapidly.  The second clump from the left is Iris vicaria,
which is perhaps the fastest propagator of those that I've tried. Most of
the Juno iris species have rather similar foliage and growth habit, 
differing in minor ways.  They all look like oddly compressed corn
plants, complete with alternating buds in the leaf axils that comically
resemble ears of corn,  the maize image shattered when the distinctly
Iris-appropriate flowers appear.  This planting bed is nearly pure sand,
raised 16" high, with the bulb-like rhizomes planted deeply.

Photo by Mark McDonough

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