Iris 'Blue Warlsind'

 Iris 'Blue Warlsind'    copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

A cross between two Juno iris species, bucharica and warleyensis
Growing 12"-14" tall (30-35 cm) in flower, this beauty is a little taller than
some of the others, but it's still compact and beautiful when the "ears of
corn" (the buds) open lots of blue flowers, with startling yellow falls, edged
and veined with purple-blue. 

The same photo below, zoomed into the flowers, to better illustrate the
intricate veining on the falls.

Photos snapped on April 2001.  This year, the flowers opened on
April 20, 2002.

 Iris 'Blue Warlsind'    copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

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