Crocus sieberi ssp. sublimis 'Tricolor'

 Crocus sieberi ssp. sublimis 'Tricolor'   copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

Photo by Mark McDonough
(April 6, 2002)

Another striking form of Crocus sieberi, here with a three-toned color effect.  I've seen
the name listed various ways, but unless convinced otherwise, I'll go ahead and use
Crocus sieberi ssp. sublimis 'Tricolor'.  The flowers are a rich lilac, with a white ring
near the base of the tepals, and a striking yellow base to the flowers.  The inside and
outside of the flowers exhibit the same tri-color arrangement.  

Rather amusing is how the multiple flowers appear just above the soil without any
foliage in evidence.

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