2 tulips

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Tulipa batalinii  -  click to view larger 96K image Tulipa batalinii  -  click to view larger 79K image

Tulipa tarda  -  click to view 2 larger images (105K)

Tulipa batalinii -  click to view larger 86K image

Recently I visited Marsha Russell's garden in Littleton, Massachusetts
and found a little tulip sprinkled about the rock garden here and there.
It's only a few inches tall, with cheerful yellow flowers, and intriguingly
undulate gray foliage rosettes.  This is Tulipa batalinii (probably one
of the named cultivars).  The other little yellow tulip is Tulipa tarda, an
old favorite miniature.  Perhaps considered to be rather common,
its a terrific small species nonetheless.

All photos by Mark McDonough


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