Asarum europeum
surprise seedling bonanza

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 Discarded European ginger seed, germinating unexpectedly well    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

 Marsha Russell writes about an unusual seed germination case:
"There are discussions from time to time regarding seed longevity
and even special seed exchanges for species known not to live
long.  Because I grow all my Asarum europeum from seed, I've
been curious as to what the cause of death is when seed is not
sown promptly.  Last year I stored my Asarum seed in empty film
canisters anticipating two to three weeks before everything was sown.

In November I found a forgotten canister.  It was solid mold, and
from the smell, I would guess the contents to be at least 80 proof.
Certainly the seed should be dead given the apparent state of
putrefaction.  I threw the seed outdoors and had to dig the seed
 out of the container because of the mold. In the bottom was
 the foul 80 proof brown liquid.  Needless to say I was quite
surprised to find the seed had germinated the following spring.
My theory has been that the seed death for Asarum was caused
by dehydration in dry stored seed . . . could be."

Photo taken by Mark McDonough in Marsha Russell's
garden, Littleton, Massachusetts, on May 11, 2002.



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