Arisaema ringens

Arisaema ringens at National Arboretum    copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

Arisaema ringens
- this photograph was taken at the National Arboretum, in Washington DC,
in early May 2004.  At the entrance of the bonsai pavilions, is a sunken garden, protected by
enclosing walls and overhead shade, and filled with rare Japanese woodland treasures such as
spectacular Ariseama and Asarum species.  The photo below shows my plant, growing for the
past 4 years outside in a rather woodland spot in the garden.  The flowers of this species are
unmistakable, resembling a tightly clenched fist in green and white stripes.  There is also a
form in which the circular green "rim" to the flower is jet black. 
Click here to see the black-rimmed form

Arisaema ringens -   copyright  2004 Mark McDonough


In the photo below, we see the green-rimmed form, in which the tightly rolled spathe
is sharply striped green and white, and a waxy green-rimmed center. It is the black-
rimmed forms
that are truly outstanding

Arisaema ringens - green rimmed form   copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

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