Allium nutans - extra wide leaf form

Allium nutans - spring foliage    copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

Allium nutans
- this is an extremely variable species, being a much larger, stronger glowing
plant than it's closest relative; Allium senescens.  The strong, swirling foliage is the main
attraction, although the late summer spheres of white bloom are quite good too, and bring
the flowering season right into September.  In early spring, as shown above, the twisting gray
rosettes look like pirouettes.  In the photo below, the thick, succulent foliage develops into
impressive spiraling clumps.  Even the buds, as shown in the bottom photo, nod, curl and twist
with intriguing formations.

Allium nutans - foliage    copyright  2004 Mark McDonough

Allium nutans - flower stems    copyright  2004 Mark McDonough


Photos by Mark McDonough

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