Colchicum cupani  +  autumn crocus

The small pale pink flowers in the center-left, is Colchicum cupani, a truly tiny
Colchicum species, this fact amplified by the seeming enormity of the fall crocus
blooming all around it.  In the lower left is Crocus tournefortii, in the lower right is
C. goulimyi, just behind it in the upper right is C. niveus, and at the top center is
C. serotinus 'Poseidon'.

Autumn crocus and colchicum    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

In the photo below, we see a close-up view of Colchicum cupani; quite a miniature
cutie which flowers in late October - November.  The foliage appears with the flowers,
and is small, shiny green, sharply pointed, and unobtrusive.

Colchicum cupani   copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

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