Tulipa 'Little Princess'

Tulipa 'Little Princess'    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

Tulipa 'Little Princess'
, a fiery gem of a dwarf tulip, listed as a cross between 
T. hageri and T. aucheriana, however each of those parent species is itself in 
question.  No matter, the blended coppery orange flowers on 3" stems make this
a must for the rock garden.  The flowers have a pleasant light fragrance.

Tulipa 'Little Princess'    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

What I like about this Tulip, is the range of colors shown in the flowers,
worthy of close examination.  The blooms are a rather unique coppery
melon color, the outside tinged with green, and inside, with prominent black
anthers.  Most tulips go through a metamorphosis of color, and this one
is no less surprisingly, changing to an intense fiery red as the flowers age
and the flower stems elongate from 3" to about 5" tall (see below, taken
approximately two weeks after the flowers first opened).

Tulipa 'Little Princess'  (late anthesis)   copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

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