Allium karataviense - various forms

Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen'    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough
Allium karataviense - typically, only a single form of this splendid Allium has been
mass cultivated over the years, represented by a pale, off-pink color form, shown on the
right. Recently, some named cultivars have appeared.  On the right, is 'Ivory Queen',
 a stunning variety with clean white flowers in baseball-sized heads, or larger.
 The foliage is also more green, in contrast to the dark purplish foliage seen in
the commonly cultivated variety.

In the photo below, we see some of the same plants, with an additional row on
the left of a giant red-flowered cultivar named 'Red Globe'.  This one is has only
recently been named, and is hard to come by and very expensive.  It flowers much
earlier than typical karataviense forms, and has enormous 8" spheres of crimson
flowers. The foliage is also much longer and pointed.  All forms of A. karataviense
have splendid succulent foliage reminiscent of a Tulip species, and unquestionably
ornamental in their own right.

Allium karataviense 'Red Globe'    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

The two photos below depict three collected forms of Allium karataviense.
It's startling to see the range of variable plant characteristics exhibited in just
these three collections.

Allium karataviense - collected forms    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

In the view above, we see two different collected forms of Allium karataviense,
both from Uzbekistan.  It's interesting to compare the differences.  The plant on
the right is similar to the 'Red Globe' selection (hailing from the same area where
that cultivar was selected), yet lower growing, with a smaller, more compact
head of deep rosy-red flower.  Next to it is a pallid, small-headed form, with 
longer narrow foliage.  It demonstrates the importance of selecting only the
best forms when collecting plants for introduction into the plant trade.  

Below is another view, showing a third form on the right, being much larger
and with more open heads of bloom, indeed similar to the 'Red Globe' selection.
I like the middle one the best, for the compact habit and bright rosy red flowers.

Allium karataviense - collected forms    copyright  2003 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough

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