Allium flavum ssp. tauricum - Cultivar List

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Allium flavum ssp. tauricum - bed of selected cultivars    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough


Cultivar Name



Flower Color

Foliage Color


'Bean Burrito'


semi-erect burnt orange grayish high bud count & long drooping pedicels make this one unusual


10" - 12"

upright yellow-tan silver gray clumps well, diffuse flower heads of butterscotch bells
'Cinnamon' 10" upright burnt red-orange silver can be tempermental, silver and red-orange color is great!
'French Vanilla' 4" semi-prostrate creamy white grayish green nice compliment to the other dwarf types,  under evaluation
'Green and Gold' 10" - 12" upright soft orange green the original orange from Jerry Flintoff, excellent massing plant

'Hot Molasses'


upright deep burnt red-orange silver gray stocky, sliver stemmed plant, semi-erect to upright, fantastic

'Lemon Cooler'


semi-erect light yellow silver stocky, heavy textured growth, dense flower heads
'Lobster Bisque' 5" - 6" semi-prostrate soft coral orange-pink grayish lovely dwarf plant with uniquely hued blooms
'Moon Pearl' 8" upright soft old rose green unique, orb-shaped florets, cultivar is under evaluation
'Orangeade' 4" - 5" semi-prostrate orange, with yellow centers grayish green Chunky, thick, decumbent stems, medium orange flowers
'Orange Parasol' 3" prostrate bright orange grayish green Under evaluation, Marsha Russell's seedling
'Party Pink' 10" upright deep pink grayish green dense showy heads & bright pink flowers, a great color form

'Pastel Parasol'


prostrate white tinged pink grayish green superb dwarf plant, clumps well, small, dense flower heads
'Pewter' 5" prostrate light pink pewter gray exceptionally stocky, thick- stemmed dwarf, clumps well

'Pink Parasol'


prostrate medium pink grayish green identical to 'Pastel Parasol' except for pink flowers
'Raspberry Sherbet' 12" - 14" upright dark raspberry rose silver gray excellent plant, unique deep color that stands out
'Rouge' 12" upright madder-pink grayish green good clumping habit
'Silver Shrimp' 9" upright pale shrimp pink/coral silver excellent clumping type, thin silver foliage, floriferous


10" - 12"

upright deep beige-pink silver gray stocky growth, slowly clumps up, odd but nice color
'Tan' 10" upright warm tan-beige silver gray among the many soft pastel colors, a good clumper too.

'Touch of Honey'

5" - 6"

semi-prostrate soft yellowish beige-pink silver gray companion to 'Lobtser Bisque', flowers with subtle coloration
'Truly Faded' 10" - 12" upright soft, old madder rose silver stocky, almost white-silver stems, large flower heads





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