Allium zebdanense

Allium zebdanense  - plant   copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Allium zebdanense
A view of a 20-year old clump of Allium
zebdanense in my abandoned garden,
growing under brambles and brushy
overgrowth in a shaded location. It took
years for this supposedly invasive species
to build up into this fine clump.  In all those
years, only a few self-sown seedlings
were produced, thus establishing a few
more splendid clumps like this one.

Allium zebdanense  - flowers    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Allium zebdanense
Close up view of the lovely, clean white
blooms on this species.  The flowers are
of a large size for an allium, held nimbly
aloft in few-flowered clusters. This plant
blooms very early, typically the first
Allium to bloom.  By June, the bulbs
have gone dormant and the plant has
all but dried up and disappeared for
the year.  The species does not
produce much viable seed; almost
none at all, which makes me wonder
about the warnings of invasiveness.


Photos by Mark McDonough


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