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This list of valid Allium species is currently under construction, with names added to the list weekly as research data is entered.  Anticipated completion is September 2001.  An attempt is made to list all valid Allium species, and to offer suggestions regarding taxonomic standing when there are conflicting opinions.  For each species listed, the following is included: author citation, species publication date, synonyms (with their own author citations), height and flower color, general distribution, habitat, major reference citation(s), links to photos (if any), and general notes.  The genus "section" that each species belongs is not always included here due to inconsistencies of opinion assigning the genus subdivisions.  However, this aspect might be added in later. This list should be used in conjunction with other associated lists, including: bibliography, bibliography discussion, synonyms list (alphabetical), and a list of dubious names and misnomers.
How many allium species are there?  Botanical references guess at the number of species, running the gamut from 500 - 1000 species (that's quite a wide range).   Numbering the species in HTML format is too difficult to manage, however when the input of species nears completion, the totals will be listed on this page.

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monticola Davids. 1921 peirsonii Jepson

parishii var. keckii Munz
5 - 15 cm pale to deep pink or purple, with dark spreading tips Dist:  California
Hab:  Loose rock or talus slopes, summits, 1335 - 3335 m.
Ref:   A California Flora, The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California.
Photo: Portrait
Notes: Blooms May - July in the wild. Beautiful & unusual dwarf species.
munzii (Ownb.
& Aase)
1992 fimbriatum var. munzii
     Ownbey & Aase
10 - 25 cm white with pink midveins, aging to red Dist:  California
Hab:  Grassy openings in coastal sage scrub, below 835 m
Ref:   The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California, Aliso 13(3):415, A revision of the Allium fimbriatum (Alliaceae) complex.
Photo: Portrait
Notes: Blooms April - May
obtusum Lemm.
1890 ambiguum Jones,
   not Sibth. & Small.

concinnum K. Bdg. ex.
2 - 6.5 cm white to greenish
white, with dark purplish brown midveins
Dist:  California
Hab:  Sandy or gravelly slopes and benches, subalpine fell-fields, granitic sands, 1500 - 4000 m
Ref:   A California Flora, The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California, Taxonomy of the Allium tribracteatum (Alliaceae) complex.
Photo: Portrait (3 photos)
Notes: Blooms May - July
   var. conspicuum
1973   3 - 11 cm
rarely to
17.5 cm
pink with dark purple midveins
Dist:  California
Hab:  Granitic sands, 800 - 3000 m
Ref:   Taxonomy of the Allium tribracteatum (Alliaceae) complex.
Notes: Blooms May - July, 1-2 weeks later than var. obtusum.
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Allium Species - Master List:  m - o


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