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Allium platycaule - in bud in MMcD's garden  (91 K Image) Allium platycaule - with bee, in MMcD's garden  (92 K Image)

Allium platycaule - in flower in MMcD's garden  (86 K Image)

Allium platycaule & falcifolium - in flower in MMcD's garden  (93 K Image)

One of the very finest American allium species is A. platycaule, native to Oregon, California, and western Nevada.  In northeastern USA, grown in a gritty soil mix over a clay base seems to it's liking, and the plants grow and flower reliably each year.  The species is intriguing both for the thick, waxy, falcate leaves, and the showy flower clusters of hot pink fuzziness held on stout 3-4" winged stalks.  The species is sometimes confused with the superficially similar A. falcifolium... click on the lower right thumbnail image to see both species growing side by side for comparison.  Also, see the two thumbnail images of A. falcifolium below.

Click here for a gallery of Allium platycaule in the wild (beautiful specimens).

Allium falcifolium

Allium falcifolium - show plant by Diane Clement  (60K image) Allium falcifolium - in flower in MMcD's garden  (95K image)

The late Jim Robinett writes the following about A. platycaule: "We consider it one of the most beautiful of the California species, with its bright pink inflorescence and strongly exserted stamens huddled close above two or more glaucous leaves. In California, A. platycaule grows mostly at higher altitudes (1335 - 3000 m), on serpentinous or lava-derived soils and screes, near-barren habitats where it provides welcome relief to the eye. We have found it not particularly difficult to grow from seed, though it needs several years to reach blooming size. However, it will not bloom for us in our mild climate near the coast [Oregon], except in the coldest winters. It seems to require a cold winter to induce bloom."

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