Allium flavum var. tauricum 'Cinnamon'
one of my first named red-orange selections
shown at early-to-mid anthesis

Allium flavum var. tauricum 'Cinnamon'    copyright  2001 Mark McDonough

Photo by Mark McDonough

This selection represented a break from the
pastel colors, with flowers of a hard to describe
deep reddish-orange.  The flowers go through
a metamorphosis of color changes, depending
upon the stage of anthesis (maturity of the
inflorescence), as well as the weather. Due to
the waxy texture of the bell-shaped flowers, which
are covered with a fine powdery "bloom"
(typical for the "tauricums"), the flowers can
also appear quite different when viewed under
different light conditions, such as on a sunny
day versus a cloudy day.  Notice that when
there are still many unopened chartreuse-
hued buds, the yellow-green color can
dramatically effect the overall color impression
of the inflorescences.

'Cinnamon' grows to about 10" tall, with
good clumping habit, wiry leaves, and strong
silvery-blue stems.  It can be a little fussy
to grow and sulks when unhappy. With a
sunny, well-drained spot to it's liking, this
is a fine selection to provide some hot color
in the rock garden in July.  Click here
to see the same view at late anthesis, for
a completely different color impression.

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