Allium flavum var. tauricum
'Cantaloupe' on the left, 'Caramel' on the right

Allium flavum var. tauricum 'Cantaloupe' & 'Caramel'    copyright  2001 Mark McDonough

Photo by Mark McDonough

On the left is a long-evaluated orange selection named
'Cantaloupe', and on the right is a silver-stemmed beauty
aptly named 'Caramel'.  In the latter selection, the flowers
are a subtle yet distinctive shade of caramel-beige, nicely
set off with silver-white stems.  It also has the long,
persistent canoe-shaped spathes in the inflorescences
seen in another selection named 'Truely Faded'.
Click here to see a profile view of 'Cantaloupe'.

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