Allium stellatum 

The American prairie onion, Allium stellatum, is highly variable, but always a lovely
summer blooming plant.  Most welcome, are forms of the species that bloom late
summer and well into the fall.  

In the photo below, the one-sided clusters of pale pink in the center represent a good
form of the species with a high bud count, blooming the first week of August. By the
end of August and into September, Allium stellatum is still going strong, a mainstay
for the late summer garden.  Notice in this image, a couple of flower heads showing
strong red coloration to the pedicels, particularly at the center, making the bloom 
head rather striking.  In the view below, this species is flowering along with Allium
 carinatum ssp. pulchellum (the upright pinkish flower heads on the left), some 
lingering Allium cernuum, and some early A. senescens forms.

Allium stellatum    copyright  2007 Mark McDonough

Allium stellatum
- this is an extremely variable species covering several months of flowering.
In the image below, we see a pretty mid-pink form of A. stellatum flowering near the end of
August, with many buds left to bring the show into September.  In the background is the
much lower growing Japanese Allium togasii, another late summer bloomer.  Allium stellatum
stem height varies considerable among forms, but the ones shown here grow 18" or more.

Allium stellatum    copyright  2007 Mark McDonough

Allium stellatum - below is another view of the same late-flowering form, taken
about 1 week earlier and closer up.  This is without a doubt, an invaluable Allium
species for the late summer garden.  Very thin in growth, it hardly takes up any
space, and can be interplanted with other species for best effect.  Easily raised
from seed and grown in very sandy soil in full sun.

Allium stellatum    copyright  2007 Mark McDonough



Photos by Mark McDonough

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