Allium ovalifolium var. ovalifolium 

This species came misidentified from Chen Yi as A. aciphyllum (a species with very narrow needle-like foliage).
Of the bulbs I received, two different species with broad leaves resulted.  In the photo below, the strap-shaped
foliage is that of Allium prattii, and the two oval-shaped leaves are that of Allium ovalifolium var. ovalifolium
One of several Chinese allium species with hosta-like leaves. There are two other varieties of Allium ovalifolium.
Inhabiting forests and thickets, in damp situations, this species needs to be grown in some shade, in a well-
drained yet humus-enriched soil, and watered regularly during the growing season.

The stem was only 8" tall, the flowers opening mid July (photo taken July 15, 2007).

The flower head appears "feathery" because of the narrow pointed tepals and long stamens.
The flowers attracted ants, yet even with all of their activity, no seed capsules were formed.




Photos by Mark McDonough

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