New Allium hybrids - gallery 1

Under evaluation for several years, and named Allium 'Venus' in 2007, I chose this one for the outstanding
floral form and all around good plant habit.  The images below chronicle the developing buds over a period
of three weeks in August.  This selection has narrow grayish foliage and perfectly forms flower heads on
18" stems.

In the first image, the developing buds are pale, like little droplets on milk, just kissed with a hint of pink.




About a week later, a definite pink hue is enveloping the buds.



By mid August, the buds become saturated with an appealing clear light pink glow.




Here the florets are just beginning to expand, these being tight-lipped, barely opening but enough to let

white stamens poke through, the bloom spheres gently complemented with contrasting purple anthers.



Photos by Mark McDonough

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