Allium hookeri var. muliense 

Allium hookeri var. muliense is a bright yellow species from China (Sichuan and Yunnan), native
to moist mountain meadows. The flower heads are small, but compensate be being bright yellow, a
welcome change from the predominance of pink and lilac colored alliums.  The stems reach 24-30"
tall, sheathed with numerous leaves at the base, looking more like a fine daylily (Hemerocallis)
than an allium.  In 2007, my plant had increased to 5 flowering stems.

Close-up view taken late July, showing the sheathed buds..


Grown in a pot the first year I received a bulb, later it was planted out in a semi-shady
spot in sandy, humus-enriched soil, in a spot that gets regular watering. Hardy over the
last 3 winters, the blooms, while attractive to bees and other pollinating insects, have 
failed to set any viable seed, so I worry about how long it shall perennate in my garden.

Photos by Mark McDonough

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