Allium jesdianum ssp. angustitepalum

 Allium jesdianum ssp. angustitepalum   copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

 Allium jesdianum ssp. angustitepalum is among the finest of the large-headed
melanocrommyum alliums for the garden, and at about 24" (60 cm) it's not too big
either. The pale, near-white center to the tepals and the white stamens create a
lovely two-toned effect.  Previously known as Allium 'Per Wendelbo' commemorating
the renowned plantsman responsible for numerous introductions of bulbous plants
from Afghanistan and Central Asian regions.  It's also been erroneously 
distributed in the past as A. rosenbachianum, a completely different species.

 Allium jesdianum ssp. angustitepalum   copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough
(taken May 2002)

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