Allium decipiens

 Allium decipiens - flower head     copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

 Allium decipiens is a very fine species native to Turkey, to Bulgaria and
Russia. The recent treatment in Flora of China dispels claims that it
occurs in China. Regardless of it's confused history, Allium decipiens is 
 one of the more choice melanocrommyum alliums, with cute, distinctive
rosettes of shiny green basal leaves, slender 24" (60 cm) stems, and
well formed hemispheres of lavender pink. If you look closely, you can
spot a red ant, gathering nectar from the mildly sweet-scented blooms.

In the photo below, one gets a good sense of the parallel-sided (lorate)
foliage, which are short, tidy, and in good health when the flowers bloom.

 Allium decipiens - emerging foliage    copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

Photos by Mark McDonough
(photos taken May/June 2000)

Click here for a plant view, growing next to Allium nigrum - pink form.

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