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These galleries depict some of the rhizomatous Allium hybrids that I've named over the past 10 years.  The hybrids involve one or more of the following species; nutans, senescens (both subspecies glaucum and ssp. montanum), albidum, rubens, flavescens, and angulosum.  These species freely hybridize with each other.  Using a process of seedling selection, it is possible to begin isolating some truly unique and superior garden plants.  The rhizomatous alliums are particularly useful as bold garden plants in border perennials, because they have attractive foliage clumps that remain healthy all summer long, unlike the bulbous alliums that typically dry up and go dormant in the summer. 

Allium hybrids (rhizomatous types)  -  Gallery Index

Allium 'Summer Pink'   copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Gallery 1  -  'Constellation', 'Summer Pink', and 'Satellite'

Gallery 2  -  'Millenium', 'Amethyst', and 'August Confection'

Gallery 3 
Allium stellatum x nutans Gallery


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