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In these galleries I have selected some of my favorite alliums.  I like all alliums, which makes it hard to choose just a few, but certainly there are those that stand out as uniquely attractive, garden-worthy plants that never fail to please.

Favorite Alliums  -  Gallery Index

Allium paniculatum 'Jerry'    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Gallery 1  -  paniculatum, tauricola, sivasicum, decipiens
                   and saxatile

Gallery 2  -  griffithianum, sieheanum, togasii, flavum ssp.
                   tauricum - melon color, insubricum, and

Gallery 3  -


About these galleries:

Rather than use a page of tiny thumbnail images that require lots of back and forth loading of individual images, the galleries listed above each contain 4-8 larger size images, each gallery taking about 30-40 seconds to load using 56k dialup internet access. Navigation to the other galleries in this series, is available directly within the gallery pages.


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