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Allium griffithianum - young flower head    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough Allium sieheanum - cluster head type    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Allium griffithianum - young inflorescence
Said to be a common species in Central Asia,
too bad it is virtually impossible to acquire in
cultivation.  I managed to grow it for a few years,
it flowered, then died.  In the photo above, the
young inflorescence is just expanding, showing
the rich colored flowers with dark red midveins
and blood red pedicels.
Photo Gallery of the closely allied species;
A. jacquemonti, along with A. griffithianum

Allium sieheanum - cluster head type
It seems that Turkey is full of beautiful Allium
species, few of which are in cultivation.  This
species is quite variable, but in all forms it's a
highly desirable dwarf onion for careful culture
in the bulb frame or alpine house.  Perfectly
hardy, but can be difficult to keep.
Allium sieheanum - image sheet
Allium sieheanum - photo gallery
Allium sieheanum - line drawing


Allium togasii    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough Allium flavum ssp. tauricum - melon color    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough
Allium togasii
This little onion is reportedly rare in Japan, but
fortunately for us, it's easy to grow in a sandy,
sunny location.  It is also valued for it's late
flowering in August - September.  Only 4" - 6"
(10 - 15 cm) tall, there is also a taller form that
grows up to 16" (40 cm) and flowers in Sept. -
October.  Said to be a white-flowered species,
all forms I've grown are very pale pink. A good
species suitable for the rock garden.
different, larger image (nice)
Allium flavum ssp. tauricum - melon color
Perhaps I harp on this species too much, but
it's such a great allium which comes in so
many wonderful, indescribable colors, that it
is indeed among my very favorite onions. In
this specimen, the flowers are a pastel melon
color, handsomely accented with exserted
pink stamens.
larger image
flavum ssp. tauricum  - galleries
flavum ssp. tauricum - cultivars list



Allium insubricum - deep rose red    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough Allium przewalskianum - roots    copyright  2000 Mark McDonough
Allium insubricum
Allium narcissiflorum is a fabled onion
species from the Italian alps, but also found
in France and Portugal.  Almost invariably it
is replaced in cultivation by the rather similar
and equally desirable A. insubricum.  To add
to the confusion, most of what's labelled as
either species ends up producing other
unrelated species.  Worth the effort to get
the true species.
Allium insubricum gallery and information
Allium przewalskianum
An allium that is getting around the seed
exchanges these days is this cute species from
Central Asia and China.  It is easy and quick
to grow from seed, flowering the 2nd year,
making tight clusters of neat, narrow leaves,
and spherical poms of light purple flowers in
summer. The species is easily recognizable on
account of the bright orange, fibrous-coated
bulb bases.  Flowers in summer.
Allium przewalskianum gallery


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