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These galleries feature just a few of the over 130 species of Allium in North America.  While there are a substantial number of wild onion species in North America, only a handful are popular in cultivation.  Admittedly, a large percentage of species prefer arid, high desert or montane habitats, and can be rather difficult to grow.  There are many others however that grow in more amenable habitats, and adapt readily to average garden conditions.  They should be tried without reluctance, as the American species, with few exceptions, are nearly always delightful plants to enrich the bulb aficionados garden.

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Allium cernuum 'Oxy White'  (A. oxyphilum)     copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

Gallery 1  -  cernuum, stellatum

Gallery 2  -  perdulce, plummerae, robinsonii

Gallery 3  -  douglasii, mannii, cernuum
                   'Oxy White' (syn. oxyphilum)


About these galleries:

Rather than use a page of tiny thumbnail images that require lots of back and forth loading of individual images, the galleries listed above each contain 4-8 larger size images, each gallery taking about 30-40 seconds to load using 56k dialup internet access. Navigation to the other galleries in this series, is available directly within the gallery pages.


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