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Welcome to Allium Central.  It is the goal of this area to be the single largest, most comprehensive resource  dedicated to the genus Allium on the web, with specific focus on taxonomy and exploring the ornamental potential of alliums. This site will serve as a venue for alliacious topics and features, including allium hybridization, photo and drawing galleries, species checklists, identification aids, allium links and bibliographic resources. 

Mark McDonough (aka The Onion Man)


Allium flavum ssp. tauricum   Gallery of Color Forms

The Blue Allium Gallery

The American Allium Gallery

The Gallery of Allium Hybrids

Gallery of Favorites Alliums

Allium flavum ssp. tauricum
gallery of color forms

Allium beesianum,
the blue allium

Allium cuthbertii,
the American allium

Allium 'August Confection',
gallery of hybrids

Allium 'Lucy Ball' gallery of favorite alliums



Checklists & Resources

[ Allium Species Homepage ]  [ North American species]  [Synonyms]  [ Hybrids ]

[other Alliaceae]  [Living Collection]  [ Reference ]  [ Bibliography ]



Study Groups

autumn alliums blue alliums chive alliance dwarf alliums flavum et al.
mexican alliums nodding onion scented alliums texas alliums yellow alliums
Allium stellatum x nutans gallery seed & propagula    




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