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Welcome to PlantBuzz! is the starting point to Mark McDonough's eclectic horticultural musings and illustrated plant studies on the web.  From here, you can access several areas of horticultural study that monopolized my attention over the past 30 years.  The section for which I have greatest ambition is Allium Central, the goal being the most complete resource on the web dedicated to the genus Allium.  With similar scarcity of on-line information as Allium, the hardy hibiscus are a wonderful group of woody shrubs and herbaceous perennials worthy of greater prominence in gardens and literature.  Visit the Hardy Hibiscus Home to learn more about these late blooming plants, and to access pertinent links.   To round out the miscellany of horticultural topics, Cleome Studies provides links and information on this large genus of showy annual plants, for which only a few species are known and grown.  And last, there is the Rock Gardening page, a miscellany unto itself, exploring any and all alpine, rock garden, and woodland plants that interest me.


What's the Buzz?

Click on the links below for featured images and discussion in support of  topics on Alpine-L and other on-line botanical forums.

New buzz: 
Some Summer Onions of 2007  a huge gallery of summer-blooming Alliums.
The many faces of chives  a gallery of unique chive varieties, or Allium schoenoprasum
Fabulous Bulb Foliage 2004  a Pacific Bulb Society topic of the week, 5/24/04.
Dwarf Tulipa gallery
a collection of dwarf Tulip species and cultivars.
Edraianthus owerinianus  One of the best Edraianthus species, and soundly perennial.
Allium flavum ssp. tauricum - Summer Color
garden views in July 2002 and 2003.
Colchicum cupani
two views of this dwarf Colchicum, for Alpine-L, November 2003.
Favorite Plants of 2003 
a gallery of favorite plants, for Alpine-L, November 2003.
Saponaria cypria
a surprisingly hardy dwarf soapwort from Cyprus, a real gem.
Arisaema heterophyllum
a stately giant "Jack-in-the-Pulpit, topping out a 5' tall.
Zenobia pulverulenta
Monotypic ericaceous shrub that everyone should grow!
Western trough garden 
Penstemon procerus v. formosus, Talinum, and Draba 
Big "melanocrommyum" Allium gallery
15 pages of gorgeous Central Asian alliums.
Variegated European Ginger
Updated, a striking variegated form of European ginger.
European Ginger germination
Germination surprise, reported by Marsha Russell
Epimedium spring foliage
Mini gallery showing two gorgeous Epimediums.
Junos on Ice
Juno Iris under adverse conditions.
Juno Iris Gallery 2002
A large collection of Juno Iris (18 pages, lots of photos)
Banana slugs
- don't look if you're squeamish, these beasts are grotesque!
Iris aucheri
a dwarf Juno iris looks like baby corn, but with sky blue flowers.
Curly Swirly Onion gallery
Three delicious swirling onion selections.

Two 2-toned Crocus 2002  Two beautiful spring crocus.
Oxydendrum arboreum'
The gorgeous Sourwood Tree, one of the finest slow-growing trees.  5 photos including fall color.
4 New Allium Hybrids' 
Take a look. Let me know what you think!

Scutellaria 'Red Fountains' A tender Skullcap? Info requested!
Coreopsis rosea 'Sweet Dreams' 
Information needed on this new Tickseed cultivar with pretty pink flowers.
Allium flavum var. tauricum (Mega Galleries 2001) Check out the infinite colors of these terrific rock garden onions, featured in 2 new galleries of
17 digital images each, total of 36 new web pages.  Galleries: A  &  B

Dracocephalum sp.  Identification needed, rec'd as D. grandiflorum
Asarum europeum 'Sukey Saito' A beautiful variegated ginger.

Corydalis elata  Coryalis elata in bloom, July 2001
Two Corydalis   Updated with
links to C. elata.
Scutellaria angustifolia   A pretty western American weed
Lysimachia - Oenothera - Brodiaea   Recent Alpine-L topics
Arisaema gallery   Includes hybrid A. sikokianum x triphyllum

Recent buzz: 
Allium platycaule & falcifolium
Allium seed and propagula
Jeffersonia dubia gallery  
Spring bulb pics - crocus and sternbergia  
Dicentra peregrina x eximia & Lewisia rediviva
Two Dicentras  
Two Tulips  


More pages:

Blue Allium Worksheet - data, key, and pictures of blue allium species

Garden Scenes Gallery - views of Allium flavum ssp. tauricum beds

Allium sikkimense Portrait - revealing view of this beautiful onion

Allium sieheanum Portrait Gallery 1 - a choice Turkish onion

Allium sieheanum Portrait Gallery 2 - more portrait shots

Allium jacquemontii & A. griffithianum - Ooh...look at these beauties.

Allium Hybrids Gallery - some of my rhizomatous allium hybrids.

American Alliums Gallery - just some of the 130 N.American alliums
Viola pedata Faces Gallery - variable flower shapes, by Marsha Russell

Allium Central

Allium Central   (A. flavum ssp. tauricum 'Orange Parasol')

Allium flavum ssp. tauricum, unnamed dwarf orange seedling, photo by Marsha Russell, Littleton, MA, USA.

Hardy Hibiscus Home

Hardy Hibiscus Home     (H.syriacus 'Blue Bird')

Hibiscus syriacus 'Blue Bird' - popular late summer blooming "hardy hibiscus". Photo by Mark McDonough.

Cleome Studies

Cleome Studies   (Polanisia dodecandra)

Polanisia dodecandra (syn: Cleome marshalliana), a low-growing, sticky-leafed annual, photo by M. McDonough

Rock Gardening

Rock Gardening   (Nothoscordum montevidense)

Nothoscordum montevidense, dwarf spring & fall blooming bulb from Uruguay, photo by Mark McDonough


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